Last weekend Cinco gave me a little bit of a scare. He was refusing to eat all weekend. He wouldn’t even eat any of his favorite treats. It was totally unlike Cinco because he is a very good eater and he’s a very healthy guy. It seemed like he might have had a hairball that was being difficult because he was having unproductive heaving. My husband and I both got panicky.

Monday he finally started eating a little bit and it was quite a relief. I took Cinco to the vet anyway just to make sure that things were okay. Dr. Kabacinski said that he looks really good and it was probably a passing viral illness. Cinco has been just fine ever since. Whew! It was a huge relief to hear that he was healthy.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. I think that is probably true. Cinco has been back to his old silly self and the laughs he gives  me make me feel so much better. My husband and I probably made him laugh a little bit too with the way we panicked and scrambled around while he was sick. Believe me, he milked it for everything it was worth. He got a ton of treats on Monday just because he would eat them.

Big Belly Laugh - Cinco

Cinco: “Manna, did you see what I got mommy and daddy to do? They dropped everything to rub my belly and give me treats! Hahahahahaha!”

Do you panic when your kitty seems ill?