Cinco and Manna are very silly at night. Since I am a night owl, I get to see a lot of their late night antics. There have been a lot of times when I’ve done the photo shoots for their Wednesday Niptoons in the middle of the night. It is a great time because the cats are wide awake and playing, which gives me fun, energetic photos. However, lighting can be a problem and I’m still learning to use my DSLR, so I get a lot of motion blur. Daytime photo shoots tend to look a lot better, but the cats tend to just stand still. There’s give and take to either.

One thing that Cinco absolutely loves when we do night photo shoots is having the door to our balcony open. He loves to walk around out there and be silly when no one is around to see him. He will get the zoomies and run in and out and in and out! Sometimes I think he’s going to break out into a song and dance number. Today’s funny cat picture is the result of Cinco getting into a bunch of catnip and then realizing the door was open.

Midnight Cattitude - Cinco

Cinco: “What’s striped and furry and gonna beat you outside? ME!!! Pbbttt!”

Are your kitties silly at midnight?