A Halloween Fiction The Stare Down Title

Cinco often just stares off into space….

Once in a while, it is a good thing to step out of the box. With the exception of my Wednesday Niptoons and a few ventures into poetry, everything on this blog has been factual. Today, Dave has double kitty dared me to write a short Halloween-inspired story for all of you to enjoy. How can I back down from a double kitty dare?  The following short story uses me, Cinco, Manna, and Dave as characters, but the situation is entirely fictional -or is it. Muahahaha!

A Weekend Alone

A Halloween Fiction The Stare Down Cinco

Cinco staring down the hallway from on top of the recliner.

It was almost like he was looking through me. “Cinco, I love you, honey, ” I said as I ran my hand across the top of his head. “What are you looking at?” He accepted the petting and rubbed his head in my hand, allowing my fingers to reach his left ear – his favorite place to be scratched. For a moment, his beautiful golden eyes turned their attention to me. After a few purrs, he turned his attention and began to stare out into the hallway, the same  as before. Silly kitty. He had been staring off into the distance a lot for the last week or so.

Thuh-dump! Thuh-dump! Thuh-dump! Manna came stampeding down the hallway and into the living room chasing after her favorite aluminum foil ball. She stopped herself just short of smacking face first into the glass door wall. Noticing me, Manna walked over and stood at my feet. “Mow-roaw!” She said, demanding that I drop what I was doing and play with her. This was normally her daddy’s job, but since he had left for the weekend to help out with the fall retreat for the church’s youth group, I was filling in.

As I plopped down on the floor, Manna rolled over to expose her belly. “I’m gonna get you,” I said with a big goofy grin. I rubbed my hand along her belly and she grabbed it tightly in a hug with her front paws. I wiggled my hand and she held tighter and tighter. She gently bit my hand then let me continue struggling. She purred and yelled at me in her deep kitty voice the whole time!

Suddenly Manna just stopped. She let go of my hand, flipped her body over into a crouch position, and gave a wide-eyed stare. She was looking out into the hallway – right where Cinco was staring. I walked over in the direction of her stare and inspected the area. I thought that maybe a small spider was dangling from the ceiling, but there was nothing at all.

Cleanliness is Next to Catliness

A Halloween Fiction The Stare Down Manna

Manna staring down the hallway with her aluminum foil ball.

Always a night owl, it was the wee hours of the morning when I had finally finished my blog post for the next day. I decided to take a shower before heading to bed.  “Eeeeeoooow,” said a familiar voice. I had hardly gotten any shampoo in my hair when Cinco poked his head around the shower curtain. I leave the bathroom door open because Cinco will panic if he can’t get to me. “I’m just taking a shower, Cinco, ” I said in a reassuring voice. “I will be out in a few minutes.” His head disappeared, but I didn’t hear him leave the room. I peeked around the curtain and saw Cinco was sitting just outside the shower staring out into the bathroom – at nothing again.

Soon Manna came in meowing up a storm. This kind of meow that usually indicated that she was carrying her “prey” in her mouth. As I rinsed the last of the conditioner from my hair, Manna jumped up on the edge of the bathtub to peek around the curtain at me. “We’ll play in just a minute, Manna, “I said. She jumped back down off of the tub and started playing again. I looked around the curtain and saw her dragging my cellphone by the hook attached to the case. That was a new one! Cinco was still sitting there, staring toward the hallway. As I watched, Manna turned her attention that way too.

“You win!” I said as I turned off the water and climbed out of the shower. By the time I had toweled off, both cats had left the room. I put on my leopard spotted pajamas and picked up the phone to inspect it.

Do you see what I see?

A Halloween Fiction The Stare Down Cinco and Manna

Cinco (right) and Manna both staring in the same direction, but at what?

Thud! Thud! Thud! The sound scared me so badly that I jumped. “Kitties! What are you doing?” I asked as I rushed out of the bathroom. Both cats were sitting side by side in the hallway just outside my tiny apartment kitchen. They watched me come toward them. My heart began to race when I looked into the kitchen. Every cabinet door, including the upper cabinets, was open. Cinco has opened the bottom ones numerous times, but never the top ones. “How did you do this, Cinco?” I said with a lump in my throat as I began closing them one by one.

Cinco and Manna were still sitting right where they had been when I came out of the bathroom. They were still staring down the hallway. With my cell phone still in hand, I slowly edged toward the hallway to see what they were looking at. The hallway was dark, only the kitchen light was on. Neither cat seemed afraid. It was almost like I was the crazy one who couldn’t see something  that was happening right in front of my eyes.

As I started down the hallway to turn on the light, the lock on the front door began to jiggle and then turn. Slowly the door started to push open revealing a masked man dressed in black. His dark eyes met mine and I screamed. His eyes jerked upward and he became weak in the knees. He backed slowly out the door. He was so focused on what he was looking at that he fell down the stairwell, which left him lying unconscious at the foot of the stairs.

The police were at my apartment in seconds. They said that they had received a call several minutes earlier that sounded like a cat meowing and they traced it back to my building. By the time they were done taking down my side of the story, my attacker had regained consciousness. He began raving a “giant dude” that pushed him down the stairs. With that, the EMS crew took him away to the hospital and I returned to my apartment. Everything was right where I had left it and Cinco and Manna were already in bed dreaming away.

Do your cats ever do or see things that make you feel like you’re missing something?