One of the most fun things about my cats is that they invite me to play with them. Cinco and Manna both love interactive play with my husband and me. Cinco lets me know that he wants to play by batting at my legs (claws sheathed) as I walk by. It is  like a game of tag. He will bat my leg and back off. Then I will come to him and grab his tail, let go, and walk away. Of course, he runs up and bats at me again and so on and so forth. Eventually, he falls over and wants his belly rubbed or brings me a toy.

Manna will talk to me and my husband to get our attention. Her demands are always clearly known! That deep, loud meow is hard to mistake. Manna will look you right in the eye and give you a solid meow. She usually doesn’t care what toy we use, she just wants to play. Sometimes she will just come and sit next to us  on the couch and start wrestling with our hands as we sit there.

For today’s funny cat photo, Manna and I were playing with a mousie. I was moving the tail around in her face and she was loving it. Then I sat the let the mousie sit still for a moment and she made a very devious face at that mousie. I’m not exactly sure what she was planning. Judge for yourselves!

Devious Plans - Manna

Manna: “Muahahahahaha!”

What do you think Manna was thinking?