Some cats are funny in an outward way. Manna is one of those cats. She is 8 pounds of physical comedy sometimes. She is loud (with several different meows), energetic, and too curious for her own good. Manna is the cat that I need to rescue from boxes and closets because she somehow found a way to get herself trapped inside. I will never ever forget the day I had to rescue her from the toilet when she was a kitten. Silly girl! I still keep the toilet lid closed just in case.

Cinco is a different kind of funny. He is very subtle. Most of the time he lets Manna take all of the chances at trying something new and follows her lead when she’s successful. However, if you watch Cinco carefully, all of his funny little mannerisms start to come out. He loves to do kitty yoga, sit like people, make funny faces, and stick his tongue out. Today’s photo comes from one of Cinco’s funny face moments. Smile away Cinco!

Goofy Kitty Smile - Cinco

CInco: “Helloooo internet friends! Welcome to the Cinco show!”

What funny things does your cat do?