Cinco and Manna act just like young human siblings. They love each other, turn to each other for comfort, and tease each other like crazy. Manna knows just how to get Cinco worked up. I have seen her play kitty pranks on him. When he has found a fun toy to pounce and he gets in position, she sits and waits for him and she pounces him just as he pounces the object. She also loves to start grooming him (which he enjoys) and then when he is all relaxed, she will bite him and run. What a stinker! Don’t get me wrong, Cinco pulls his share of dirty pranks too (like pouncing her while she’s sleeping).

During this week’s photo session for our weekly Niptoon, Cinco spotted one of Manna’s pranks coming from a mile away. He was on the floor grooming himself when I gave him his treasured catnip banana. Cinco picked the banana up and brought in right next to his body, then continued grooming. Manna saw her opportunity to run in and snag the banana while Cinco was distracted. That’s when the following photo happened.

Don't Touch It - Cinco and Manna

Cinco (right): “Don’t you even think about touching my banana, Manna.”

Do your cats play pranks on you or your other cats?