Playful Kitty's 2nd Blogaversary Title

Cinco and Manna are partying hearty today!

Today is our 2nd Blogaversary! Can you believe this blog has been around for 2 whole years? That thought just baffles me. It feels like only yesterday that I had the idea to start blogging! There have been a lot of accomplishments, a lot of challenges, and there are still a lot of amazing places to go. I would love to tell you a little bit about the journey.

Thank You All

Blogaversary Battle Graphic

Who do you think will win?

I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you that read this blog and interact with me here and on social media. The pet blogging world has been an incredibly supportive place for me. I don’t think of my readers as being numbers or distant figures, but rather as friends. Visiting other blogger’s websites is like getting to visit a friend’s home. Thank you for all of the time you spend with me and my kitties!

We are going to celebrate our blogaversary late this afternoon on Periscope! Manna is going to play her favorite game with her daddy. We’re calling it the Epic Playful Kitty Blogaversary Battle. All you need to do to tune in live is follow @thePlayfulKitty on Periscope and watch your notifications around 4 or 5 PM EST. If you don’t have Periscope, I will share the link to watch a rerun of the video on Playful Kitty’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. You can also email me at robinsplayfulkitties  (at) hotmail (dot) com and I’ll make sure you get the link.

Playful Kitty’s Purpose

I remember the night I came up with Playful Kitty very well. It really seems like yesterday! I was trying to find a way to make a some legitimate money from home and I ran across a website that talked about using a blog to make money. It sounded like a great idea! Immediately I knew I should talk about cats on my blog because Cinco and Manna mean so much to me. I had seen a lot of other people having trouble with their cats simply because they didn’t understand their cats. I thought that maybe my blog could be a way to help those people.

As I researched and learned more about cats myself, that drive to help other cat owners grew. I found out things that could have potentially saved the life of Obi-Wan, the cat that had come before Cinco and Manna. My hope is that I can help cat owners learn enough about their cats not to have to endure the tragedy I went through with Obi-Wan. It is really hard to watch your furbaby suffer and have no idea how to help!

Things that I’m Really Proud Of Accomplishing

Playful Kitty's 2nd Blogaversary Manna and the ribbon

Manna is the most playful kitty ever!

I have had a lot of opportunities in the last 2 years with Playful Kitty! Here are a few of my proud moments:

  • Becoming a professional member of the Cat Writer’s Association.
  • Being chosen to be an ambassador for Mars Petcare at the 2015 BlogPaws Conference.
  • Creating my own self-hosted website.
  • Getting to work with all of the brands I’ve worked with. Somehow I’m always surprised when a brand chooses me to help with a campaign they are running.
  • When people have asked me for advice either on cats or blogging. Never be shy about asking for my advice, I like talking about things I know well. It makes me feel smart.

Looking Into the Future

I am a very driven type of person. I make high goals and I don’t let excuses get in my way. There are a lot of things I’m working on for Playful Kitty. I can’t list them all here or this post would be way too long. You may have already seen some of my new ideas beginning to crop up in small ways.

  • Playful Kitty's 2nd Blogaversary Office Cinco

    Cinco is almost always in my lap while I’m blogging. 🙂

    I want to do more with video.
    So far Playful Kitty’s Youtube channel is almost all sponsored videos, but that is going to change. I plan to add some informational videos to compliment the kinds of posts that are here on the blog and also some funny videos.

  • Periscope
    This is a new tool in my bag of tricks, but I think it will be a great way for everyone to get to know me as a real person rather than a mysterious force hidden behind a website. This is a real challenge for me because I’m not a very talkative person.
  • A Book
    This one is a little further off that the first two, but I would love to get a book out there. I’m still deciding on the best way to go. Three things I’m going between are a children’s book-length Niptoon (my Wednesday posts), a book about how my cats help with my bipolar disorder, or short stories featuring Cinco and Manna that could be freebies when you sign-up for my newsletter or other promotions.
  • Interviews
    Hopefully, I will be lining up some cool cat-related people to interview here on Playful Kitty. I have a list of people in mind.
  • Playful Kitty Swag
    Designing a few Playful Kitty goodies should be fun. I want a few items for myself, so why not share with my friends?

Thank you all again for coming by to celebrate with us today! Cinco and Manna send their love. If you can make it to the battle tonight, I will see you there (or rather you will see me).

Have you had any cat or blog related accomplishments in the past year?