Cinco may be shy and reserved, but he is still a funny guy! His sweet innocence makes some of the things he does that much more humorous. He makes me laugh with the funny faces that he makes, his tiny little high-pitched meow, the way he forgets that his leg is still in the air after he cleans it, sitting in buddha position, and how jealous he gets when my husband puts his arm around me. If I am sitting on the couch and my husband cuddles up next to me, Cinco will try to squeeze himself between us! I hope to get a photo of that one day.

Today’s photo comes from the end of a play session. I put some catnip on the cat tree as a treat for Cinco and Manna for playing so nicely. In true Cinco fashion, Cinco finished his catnip and started doing some silly poses as he cleaned himself off. This one gave me a good chuckle and I hope that all of you get a smile out of it too!

A Cinco Winko - Cinco

Cinco: “Hey there, good-lookin’!”

Do you have a cat that is funny in subtle ways like Cinco is?