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Thinking about adopting a new kitten? That’s awesome! You are in for a lifetime of love. Adopting a cat is one of the best feelings in the world. What could make it better? Consider adopting two kittens. There are a number of benefits for both you and your new kittens that you will receive when you bring home two kittens instead of one.

Two Kittens Offer Each Other Comfort


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Coming into a new home isn’t all that easy for a cat. There are a lot of new smells, sounds, people, and other pets. Cats are very territorial creatures that don’t feel comfortable outside of their established territory. A new kitten coming into your home may feel a lot of anxiety until they have made your home their home on their own terms. When you adopt two kittens who are littermates or have already bonded before you adopted them, they at least have one familiar piece of territory in place – each other. They can be comforted by the presence of one another and learn about their new family together. If you already have an older cat in your home, a new kitten could feel rejected by that cat. Kittens have a lot of energy and they want to play, play, play! Older cats, while they may still be playful, will not want to play as much as the kitten does. The older cat may even be a little grouchy when the kitten wants to play at nap time. Adopting two kittens will allow those kittens to get out their energy with one another rather than bothering the older cat. For those who are more familiar with dogs than cats- cats do well living with their littermates. They have a very special bond with one another! Cats don’t have the competitive problems with their littermates that dogs do. Adopting kittens that are littermates will create harmony in your family rather than discord.

Companionship Can Give You Peace of Mind

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Kittens can be a lot of work! They are endlessly curious and highly energetic. That first year with a kitten can be reminiscent of the first year with a human baby. It can be a lot to keep up with. Adopting two kittens can take some of the burden off of you by giving the kittens someone to play with. Conveniently, they both will enjoy playing kitten games! They can help keep each other busy and burn off some of that energy. At the very least, you will have the peace of mind that they have each other for companionship while you are away at work.

Kitten-proofing your home and keeping that kitty mind busy with healthy things are both musts. A bored kitten can equal destructive behavior. That destructive behavior can begin to cause rifts in your relationship with your cat and maybe even give you the mistaken idea that your cat is a “bad cat.” In reality, such a cat may just need a more enriching environment or more interaction. Having two kittens at home offers them more opportunities to play and do  things they find to be fun – without destroying everything.

Socialization: We All Have to Learn Somehow

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Just like humans, cats are not born knowing all of the social rules. In fact, there is a very short window in a kitten’s life (a matter of a few weeks) where they can learn to live with humans. If they do not receive ample human interaction in those weeks, they will not likely ever be able to live with humans.

Cats have to learn to behave like cats and get along with other cats too. They spend their first several months learning important skills such as

  • using a litter box
  • how to judge distances when running or jumping
  • hunting skills
  • communicating with other cats
  • controlling aggression during play
  • which things are dangerous and which things are not

The learning of many these skills is aided by social interaction with other cats. Kittens watch each other and older cats to see how different goals are achieved. Having any cat in the home is extremely helpful if you bring home a very young kitten. Technically speaking, you can teach your new kitten to use the litter box yourself, but it is much easier for another cat to teach the kitten. When you adopt two kittens, they have the benefit of continuing their learning of these new skills with the help of one another. They can keep one another sharp and make the learning process smoother for both of them.

Have you ever adopted two kittens at once?

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