Ugh! I hate technical difficulties! Recently, my husband went out and got a “new to us” computer for himself. He really needed something new. Our old computer had been used long past its time. The new computer was a refurbished model from a very reputable computer store in our area. My computer came refurbished from the same store and it has been wonderful.

When we got Dave’s computer home, we realized that they had given us the wrong power cord and we had to pack it all back up and go get the right cord. It took a ridiculously wait to get the cord because there was another customer in customer service that had a much more complicated (and heated) problem. Ugh. The new cord worked great and we got everything working just fine.

Tonight, Dave turned off the computer and when  it turned back on, it was just stuck on this blue updating screen for hours. Luckily, it did eventually decide to finish booting up. Yay! I really didn’t want to have to pack that computer back up again and drive 35 minutes back to the store AGAIN.

While Dave’s computer was stuck on the blue screen, Cinco decided to take a look at it for us. He climbed up in Dave’s chair, looked at the keyboard and the monitor, and then this week’s funny cat picture happened. He sat down in the chair and gave me the following hilarious look.

Technical Difficulties - Cinco

Cinco: “Oh no! Mommy, I think Daddy broke it!”


Do your cats investigate your computer?