Manna has done it again! Every week I go through the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of my cats and choose the funniest one to post on Funny Cat Picture day. I try to be fair and go back and forth between the cats, but Manna has really been on a roll. I’m sure Cinco will get another turn very soon. He can’t just let Manna win like that! MOL 😉

Some cats are very quiet and others are talkers. Manna is on the more talkative end. She has a big, deep voice believe it or not. She’s tiny, but she can pump out the sound! You can hear it a little bit in our Periscope broadcast from PetSmart done on August 15, 2015. Manna talks to everyone and everything. She loves to talk to her toys as she plays with them. It is like she is singing this really dramatic song to them.

Today’s photo comes from one of Manna’s play sessions with her orange pipe cleaner and the cat tree. I’m not sure why she likes to pair these two items in play, but she does and it is totally pawesome. I caught her singing her latest hit that would surely be titled “I Got You Cat Tree” from her album “Don’t Go Anywhere Pipe Cleaner, You’re Next.”

Singing Kitty - Manna

Manna sings, ” Oooooh I got you cat tree!”

Do your cats have any funny habits?