It’s no secret that my kitties love their photo shoots. They get a few really big benefits:

  • Treats
  • My undivided attention
  • Praise
  • Petting
  • Social play with me (which is better than a plain old mouse any day)

There aren’t too many other things a cat really wants! When they hear the camera, the both come right up to the lens.  I have the hardest time getting photos of them sleeping! They have to be pretty deep asleep not to hear the click of the camera being turned on.

Getting good photos of Cinco can be a little more difficult than getting good photos of Manna. Don’t get me wrong, Cinco is amazingly photogenic. If he were a human, he’d be one of those people who has a perfect body without even trying. I’m so jealous of this cat’s metabolism! Anyway, the problem is that Cinco has anxiety issues and is easily scared by noises he hears outside. Sometimes he gets paranoid and won’t take his eyes off of the front door (which is opposite the way of my natural light). I do my best to work around it. He still takes amazing photos!

In today’s photo, I finally got Cinco to turn away from the front door and Manna got jealous of Cinco getting so much attention. She resorted to an array of acrobatic stunts. As you can tell from the photo, he is not amused by her intrusion.

A Flying Photobomber - Cinco and Manna

Cinco: “Get your fuzzy bum out of my photo, Manna!”

Do you have a cat that demands to be the center of attention?