Cinco and Manna often “help” me work on my blog. I spend long hours trying to get everything just right and they sit on my lap or by my side. I enjoy having them there snoopervising me. They’ve got to make sure all of their photos get edited just right, don’t they?

This week, when we were doing our photo shoot for Wednesday’s Niptoon, I got a priceless photo. I had taken about 400 photos so the cats and I sat down for a break. Manna got in my lap and Cinco climbed up on a shelf to my right. Cinco was being hammy and wanting my attention so I decided to get a few photos of him. He looked up and made the goofiest expression on his face. I think that he was going to sneeze, but it didn’t quite come out. He also happened to be a perfect angle where his head covers the bald eagle in the photo in the background. The very silly, but patriotic result is below!

Awkward Kitty Smile - Cinco

Cinco: “Uh…cheese?”

Do your cats ever make faces that get your giggling?