There are not a lot of great words to describe this week’s photo. Manna is a hilarious kitty! Sometimes I have the great fortune of having my camera in my hand when she gets a case of the zoomies. That’s the case this week.

It all started with a little dragonfly that flew into the apartment. She ran up and down the hall at full speed. I wasn’t able to get any good photos of that. When the dragonfly flew safely back outside, Manna took it out on the cat tree. I think she loves how thick the carpeting is on it. She was rolling around and attacking everything in sight. That poor pipe cleaner took quite a beating. It really got bent out of shape (Wakka Wakka). It was pretty funny.

I was just taking photos as fast as I could. When I started looking through them, I found this gem of a funny cat photo. Without any further ado, I present Manna’s photo.

There's No Cat Here - Manna

Manna: “You don’t see anything!”

What causes your cats to go crazy?