Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!

Cinco and Manna both have unique and wonderful relationships with their human daddy (Dave). The love between them is really strong. I always tease that Cinco is like a young boy who is always trying to live up to his perception of a manly man. He will sit near his daddy, but he has to have his purrrsonal space. I guess it is not mancatly to sit on a man’s lap. MOL Cinco also has his “territorial disputes” over me. He will try to fit himself between me and Dave if we sit next to one another or he will sit on me and makes sure Dave is watching as he rubs his cheeks on me. However, I have heard that if I am not around, he will sit on Dave’s lap and snuggle him in bed. What a silly kitty!

Manna is totally a daddy’s girl. It was love at first bite sight. She greets Dave at the door when he gets home from work. There are very few things that she loves more than wrestling with her daddy. If Dave sits on the floor, Manna will be there to wrestle within seconds. Dave doesn’t even have to call her name. Manna will sit on either of our laps, but she shows preference to Dave. Many nights Manna sleeps right near Dave’s chest so he can hold her.

Today’s funny photo is one of the results of our Kitty Daddy’s Day photos. The intention was to take a portrait of Manna and Dave. Of course, we got a few good conventional shots, but this photo was hilarious. Manna loves to pose for the camera, but not to be posed for the camera. Dave tried to give Manna a kiss on the cheek.

Portrait with Daddy - Manna and Dave

Manna: “Seriously Daddy? In front of everyone?”

What kind of relationship does your cat have with their Daddy?
If they don’t have a daddy, what does your kitty think of men?