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I had a great time exploring Mars Petcare!

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This year I had the honor of being an ambassador for Mars Petcare at the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. It was an amazing experience. I got to learn about their brands, the company itself, and how they work behind the scenes. My cats love many Mars Petcare products and I got to see the quality behind them for myself. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share what I’ve learned with all of you! The first experience I would like to share is what I learned in the exhibit hall at BlogPaws.

Mars Petcare at BlogPaws

Mars Petcare has a very impressive portfolio of pet food products. You will probably recognize the brands that were at BlogPaws:

As I visited each of these brands, my focus was mainly on the brands that my cats like to eat.


The Mars Petcare Experience at BlogPaws - Sheba

The Sheba booth at BlogPaws.

Sheba is now offering their foods in Perfect Portions®!  These take the same amount of cat food that is in one normal can of Sheba and split it in two. There are two sides that are individually sealed and can snap apart. Your cat can eat half of their food now and half of their food later without any spoilage. This is great for cats that prefer to eat smaller meals more frequently.

My cats have eaten Sheba foods and enjoyed them. What I love about this brand is that it makes wet food affordable for any cat owner. That is something that really makes a better world for cats. I looked at the ingredients label expecting to see a lot of cheap add-ins, but there really aren’t any. There is a lot of animal protein and almost no carbohydrates – no grains or corn.


The Mars Petcare Experience at BlogPaws - Temptations

Cinco and Manna would have loved the Temptations booth!

Temptations has irresistible treats in a huge variety of flavors. In the fall they introduced Temptations Tumblers® which are ball-shaped treats that are easy to roll and throw. This spring they took their treats to a whole new level with the introduction of Snacky Mouse™! This cool little toy can be filled with Temptations treats that will fall out of the mouse as your cat bats it around. These two additions make a better world for cats by encouraging physical activity in cats as well as providing a mental challenge for them. Each treat is only 2 calories.

There is no denying that my cats are addicted to Temptations. This booth in the exhibit hall at BlogPaws was a ton of fun. There is a really cute Snacky Mouse video game that we all played. You can play it the game by clicking here.

Cinco and Manna break into the treats

Cinco and Manna helping themselves to some Temptations Tumblers!


The Mars Petcare Experience at BlogPaws - Greenies

Greenies galore!

Greenies has a couple of great cat products – Greenies Dental Chews and Greenies Pill Pockets. The Greenies Dental Chews provide a low-calorie, enjoyable way to help keep a cat’s teeth clean in between dental check ups. The secret is that they have a chewy texture which causes the treat to brush up against the whole tooth up to the gums and not just the tips. My cats really enjoy Greenies!

The Greenies Pill Pockets on the other hand a very soft and can be broken down to just fit around a pill. When you make the treat small enough the cat will swallow it without chewing and will never notice the pill.

At the Greenies booth there was a demonstration by a Banfield veterinarian about brushing a dog’s teeth.  After the demonstration, I asked how this was different from brushing a cat’s teeth. He suggested that you start with a small, soft toothbrush rather than your finger because your finger may be too large for the cat’s mouth. From there you work your way up to a more rigid toothbrush that can remove more from the teeth. A toothpaste made for pets was also recommended – this toothpaste should NOT contain flouride.

The Mars Petcare Experience at BlogPaws - Greenies Dog

This was the very patient dog that helped demonstrate proper brushing techniques.


The Mars Petcare Experience at BlogPaws - Nutro

Nutro had a lot of different products to show off.

Nutro has a couple different lines of premium products. The two lines that have cat both wet and dry cat foods are Nutro and Max Cat. The Nutro line offers their foods in Perfect Portions just like Sheba. These products use all natural ingredients and grain-free wet foods are available.

Since this is the brand of cat food I have been using with my cats all their lives, I was particularly interested in learning more about their products. There were two people at the Nutro booth at BlogPaws that I directed a lot of questions to: a farmer for Nutro’s plant in California and a supplier that supplies rice to Nutro.

The farmer for Nutro’s plant told me that his plant does over 600 safety and quality inspections per day! He said that making pet food was a real science – a lot goes into producing a quality, nutritionally complete, and safe-to-eat food. Ingredients get inspected before they begin processing them at the plant. The finished product sits in a warehouse for 5 days before it is released to distributors because they have to wait on all of their safety tests to be completed. Any batch that does not pass any of the tests doesn’t leave the plant.

The supplier that produces Nutro’s rice gave me insights on how all of the sources of Nutro’s ingredients are treated. She said that Mars Petcare does regularly inspect the farm and the rice to ensure that it meets their standard. She also noted that Mars Petcare has really high standards and they are tough on ingredients. Her farm sells the same quality of rice to Nutro as they do to human food manufacturers. She also ensured me that mold, aflatoxins, and diseased plants were something that her farm takes very seriously. All of the plants are tested rigorously for these things.  Talking to this supplier gave me confidence that Mars Petcare is not just talk when it comes to quality.

Cinco Enjoying Max Cat

Cinco enjoying some Max Cat Chicken Supreme from Nutro.

Do your cats enjoy any of these products?


Mars Petcare is responsible for many of the cat and dog food and treats that our pets love! You'll love the new products they are coming out with!

Cinco and Manna can’t get enough of those Temptations!