Manna: “Cinco! Why did you use a picture of my for the funny cat picture this week?”

Cinco: “‘Cause your funny! Duh!”

Manna: “Mommy said to smile and say cheese. I did my best.”

Cinco: ” You still look really silly.  It was the funniest picture we’ve taken this week.”

Manna: “Are you sure? We took more than 500 pictures to make our posts for our takeover. I seem to think there were some good ones of you in there too, Cinco.”

Cinco: “If it makes you feel any better, I decided to add something else too.”

Manna: “Like what?”

Say Cheese - Manna

Manna: “Cheese!”

Cinco: “Since Mommy is always posting funny pictures of us, I thought we should post a funny picture of her!”

Manna: “Hahaha! You didn’t!”

Cinco: “I did. Remember when she used to teach all of those Bible Stories to the kids at church?”

Manna: “Uh huh.”

Cinco: “One day she had to teach about the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho, but she didn’t have a guy to dress up as Joshua.”

Manna: “Oh no! Mommy is going to be so embarrassed!”

Cinco: “Oh seriously, she’s an actress, she’s had worse. She dressed up as Joshua and marched around a fake wall with, like, 200 kids!”

Manna: “Now that’s a funny picture!”


Cinco: Mommy looks pretty funny when she acts sometimes!

Do your humans ever dress up funny?

Cinco and Manna's Takeover

It’s our last day being in charge! Mommy is back tomorrow.