Taking the Perfect Nap Title

Cinco: Who does it better, me or Manna?

Cinco: “Okay kitties of the blogosphere, Manna and I need your help. We’re having a debate.”

Manna: “It’s more like showdown! Cinco totally doesn’t know anything about pawsome naps. Tell him that I’m right!”

Cinco: “Don’t listen to her! I do to know about pawsome naps! I invented pawsome naps.”

Manna: “I’m the cat napping queen! You’ve got nothin’ on me Cinco.”

Cinco: ” The cat napping queen? You’re more like the court jester.”

Manna: “Let’s settle this then. You tell everyone what you think the perfect nap is and then I’ll tell them my version.”

Cinco: “Fine, but be prepared. This is going to be a tough act to follow.”

Manna: “Whatever. Get on with it, Cinco.”

Cinco’s Napping Method

Cinco: “The first step to taking a good nap is getting in a great stretch! You know, one of those full body stretches that you can really get your claws into.”

Taking the Perfect Nap - Cinco Stretching

Cinco: “Whole body stretches feel really good!”

Cinco: “Then you will want to find a nice comfy spot. A place that is quiet and secluded helps keep you free from napping distractions. It also helps if this spot smells like your humans. Mommy left a blanket here on the recliner that she likes to use. Best scent ever! I miss Mommy and I want her to come back really soon!”

Manna: “Cinco, don’t start this again. We all know you’re a Mommy’s boy. Just tell them about your nap.”

Cinco: “I’m allowed to miss Mommy if I want to! Now stop interrupting. The next step is to bring your favorite toy to your napping spot. My personal favorite is this catnip banana that Mommy gave me.”

Taking the Perfect Nap - Cinco picking up his banana

Cinco: “This banana is the best toy ever!”

Cinco: “Now you are ready for the perfect nap. Just stretch out and relax. Following my method, you could nap peacefully for hours!

Taking the Perfect Nap - Cinco napping on the recliner

Cinco: “Zzzzzzzzz”

Manna’s Napping Method

Manna: “Okay, woo hoo, whatever. It’s my turn now.”

Cinco: “Well, that was rude.”

Manna: ” You were done. Just listen to how I nap. First, I have to play and get good and tired. I mean, why nap if you’re not tired?”

Cinco: “Because you’re a cat! We sleep 16 hours a day on average – for no reason at all!”

Manna: “Well, trust me, it’s better when you’re tired from playing your favorite games.”

Taking the Perfect Nap - Manna running

Manna: “Playing is the best!”

Manna: “Then, you find a great sun puddle – in a safe place outdoors preferably. The chirping of the birds! The sounds of human children playing! The dog next door checking you out! Yeah, this is the place to stretch out and catch some zzzzz’s .”

Cinco: “That just sounds terrifying. Aren’t you worried the humans or the dog will get you?”

Manna: “No way! They all love me.”

Cinco: “Okay. Whatever. I guess it is up to the kitties of the blogosphere to decide who has the best napping method.”

Taking the Perfect Nap - Manna napping on the balcony

Manna: “Zzzzzzz”

What do you think? Who had the better napping method?

Cinco and Manna's Takeover

We totally rock!