Modeling Tips for Cats Title

Cinco: “I know you want to snoogle this belly!”

Cinco: “Being a good model is important if you are a kitty with a blog or social media account.”

Manna: “Mommy says that people click the like buttons on our photos a lot, so we want to show you some of our modeling secrets.”

Cinco: “I miss Mommy.”

Manna: “Didn’t we go over this yesterday? She’s coming back in a couple of days – with treats!”

Cinco: “Daddy’s lap just isn’t the same. He crosses his legs weird. He doesn’t sing to me either.”

Manna: “Do you really want Daddy to sing to you?”

Cinco: “Good point.”

Manna: “Focus, Cinco. Let’s show all the kitties out there how to be good models!”

Cinco: ” I think the photos speak for themselves. Look at my handsome mancatliness!”

Manna: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s roll out the photos!”


Cat Modeling Tip #1: Be ferocious!

Modeling Tips for Cats - Manna and the pipe cleaner

Manna: “I am a mighty hunter!”

Cat Modeling Tip #2: Make sure the photographer is getting your good side.

Modeling Tips for Cats - Cinco near boxes

Cinco: “I look good from pretty much every side, but I like my stripes the best this way.”

Cat Modeling Tip #3: Use your tail.

Modeling Tips for Cats - Manna tail up

Manna: “Put your tail in the air like you just don’t care!”

Cat Modeling Tip #4:  Yawn!

Modeling Tips for Cats - Manna Yawning

Manna: “For some reason humans love yawns!”

Cat Modeling Tip #5: Involve your neighborhood friends in your photos.

Modeling Tips for Cats - Manna and the Geese

Manna: ” I love saying hi to these geese from my balcony.”

Cat Modeling Tip #6: Stick your tongue out.

Modeling Tips for Cats - Cinco licking cat tree

Cinco: “This nip is sooooo good!”

Cat Modeling Tip #7: Imitate your humans.

Modeling Tips for Cats - Cinco sitting like people

Cinco: “Why does everyone laugh when I sit like this? I look just like Daddy.”

Cat Modeling Tip #8: Do your yoga.

Modeling Tips for Cats - CInco doing yoga

Cinco: “I’ve got to keep my catly figure somehow.”

What cute things do your cats do in photos?

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