Manna is back this week for another funny cat picture! She is one funny girl. This week Manna has finally decided that the cat tree is hers. She has decided that it is really fun to wrestle with the pillars of cat tree. It has also become a place where she takes her pipe cleaner to chase it around the pillars. It is super cute to watch! Manna is all about playing.
There is a joke around our home that Manna likes to impersonate Jack Nicholson. I think it is the crazy eyes or something. You can see a comparison shot here from a post that I did about it a while back. When she gets the zoomies, she has a little bit of that crazy look from The Shining. This particular shot reminds me of the famous scene when Jack breaks through the door and says “Heeeer’s Johnny!” I think Jack Nicholson would be proud to know that my cat does impressions of him.

Heeeere's Manna - Manna

Manna: “Heeeere’s Manna!”

Do your cats ever remind you of someone famous?