Manna is quite a character. She is mischievous, bossy, cute, and completely irresistible. One of her funny quirks is that she likes to sit on papers on the floor. It doesn’t really matter what paper is on the floor, she will sit on it: receipts, envelopes, printer paper, napkins, bags (she likes both paper and plastic), boxes, etc. Manna will actually push papers off of my desk or one of the counter tops and immediately jump down to sit on the paper. Occasionally we will leave a paper on the floor somewhere because we want her to sit there. Dave and I are strategic like that. MOL

In today’s photo, Manna has taken her paper sitting to a whole new level. When we were going through our samples to make a care package for Chance the paralyzed cat, I happened to pull out a paper plate as well. Manna took this paper plate as a challenge. She walked around it several times and tried different ways of sitting on it. Finally, she figured out how she  could fit herself completely onto the paper plate. It was so funny! She decided to take a nap after all of her hard work. I tried to take a photo of her sleeping, but she caught me.

If I Fits I Sits - Manna

Manna: “I told you that I could fit on this plate! “

What is your cat’s funny quirk?