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Photo Credit: Anna-Stina Takala via Flickr

Meet the “Greyhound of Cats”

The Cornish Rex has an exotic look that sets it apart from other cat breeds. Despite the exotic look, the breed’s history is not really all that exotic. The first Cornish Rex cat was born on a farm in Cornwall, England in 1950. He had a curly hair and a different body shape than his litter mates. This new look caught the eye of his owner, Nina Ennismore, and she enlisted the help of an English geneticist to start the breed. It turned out that the unique characteristics of this new cat breed were the result of a spontaneous mutation in a recessive gene. The Cornish Rex breed was quickly a hit with cat lovers.

There is no mistaking the beauty of Cornish Rex cats. They have a unique, tight curly coat that is soft as a bunny! In fact, the “rex” part of their name is a  reference to the Rex rabbit because of the softness of their hair. The Cornish Rex also has a distinct curved spine that makes their whole body look curvy. They have an egg-shaped head with high cheek bones and tall, gorgeous ears.

Cornish Rex cats are full of personality. They are very people-oriented and love being lavished with attention. They are very playful and enjoy a good game of fetch – even finding ways to play fetch by themselves! These cats fit in very well with active families, children, and other pets. Just don’t leave them alone for too long.

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Instructions for the Interactive Word Search

  1. Words from the word list on the right are hidden within the puzzle. The words may be spelled forward, backward, or on a diagonal.
  2. Click on the first letter of the word, drag the cursor across the word, and click on the last letter of the word.
  3. The puzzle is finished once you have found all of the words.

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