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Manna enjoying Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted Savory Chicken Pot Pie with Buckwheat.

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Creating high-quality cat food is as much an art is it is a science. A great artisan crafted recipe is more than just step-by-step instructions written on a piece of paper. It must contain both thoughtfully sourced ingredients and a well thought out cooking process.

A Moment of Truth

Manna looking at my food

Caught with things I shouldn’t be eating again…

I struggle with getting myself to eat the way I should. I’m nowhere near as healthy as I would like to be. As much as I have learned about the importance of good, quality nutrition, I still find myself eating quick, processed foods a lot of the time. I am a horrible cook. Sadly, the fast food restaurant across the street knows my order and they get it ready for me when they see my car pull into the parking lot. I keep resolving to quit eating junk and eat the fresh meats and vegetables that I know I should be eating (I actually like them a lot). It lasts for a little while and then I fall back into old patterns.

Perhaps it is my own struggle that inspires me to seek the best foods possible for my cats. I want Cinco and Manna to have long, healthy lives. In my opinion, it is far easier to feed them a healthy diet than it is to change my own diet. With my own diet, I have to struggle past my own addictions, cravings, and bad habits. Honestly, I have to learn to cook some quality meals for myself. To change the cats’ diet, all I have to do is change what is on their plate (and possibly wean them onto the new food). I can rely on artisan crafted cat foods that have been expertly designed to fulfill a cat’s nutritional needs.

Manna eating on the balcony

Manna enjoying her dinner out on the balcony while she watches the ducks in the lake.

Finding the Best Ingredients

Checking the Ingredients

I made sure to read the peel off ingredient label on the Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted too.

What goes into my cats’ food is really important to me. I read ingredient labels on cat food before making a purchase. I want lots of high quality protein, high moisture, moderate fat, low carbs, and the freshest, least processed ingredients available in my price range. The cat food can only be as good as it’s ingredients!

Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™  is a new line of artisan crafted cat foods that appeals to cat owners who care about the ingredients in their cats’ food. They use the same kinds of high quality animal proteins that I would ideally like to include in my own diet: trout, salmon, tuna, roasted beef, and chicken. Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted also leaves out a lot of the ingredients that can make cats sick like wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These foods also have grain free varieties!

The Artisan Crafted Cooking Process of Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™


Hill’s uses veterinary nutrition experts to formulate each recipe.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted pulls off the part of meal making that I can’t seem to get down in my own kitchen – the cooking process. They have a team of highly trained veterinary nutritionists that make sure that all of the nutrients are properly balanced and that the cooking is done just the right way. These foods are made in small batches using unique artisan crafted processes for both the wet and dry foods. Each batch is closely watched over to insure quality and that the nutrients are 100% balanced.

The process of cooking Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted dry cat foods starts with thoughtfully sourced proteins and vegetables. These ingredients are carefully mixed together to make a dough. Next, the dough is cooked at 250° – 300° F  (121° – 149° C) which locks in the flavors of the ingredients. Finally, the food is cut into custom shapes that research shows that cats will love.

Personally, I prefer my cats to eat wet foods. Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted begins the process of making their wet cat foods with thoughtfully sourced ingredients as well. The liquid ingredients (broths, starches, flavorings) are whisked together in a kettle while the dry ingredients (meats, vegetables, etc) are cooked separately. Next the wet and dry ingredients are combined into a delicious stew and placed into cans. The food is then slow cooked inside the can at 250°F (121°C) to lock in the flavors of the ingredients.


The Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted line of foods.

You can find Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted wet and dry cat foods on Pet 360, Amazon, and online or in store at Petsmart. Some Petco locations have it in stock already as well! Any of the coupons listed here under Ideal Balance will work for Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted. There is a $7 OFF coupon if you would like to give it a try!

What ingredients do you look for when you buy cat food?

Do you look for an expert cooking process and high quality ingredients in your cat's food? Keep reading to learn how Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted brings all you want and more!  #InspiredByCrafted #sponsored

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