After Wednesday’s Niptoon photo shoot was completed, I had to make sure that Manna got some nip. I couldn’t just let Cinco steal the nip and let it end there! She was quite delighted when I sprinkled some nip around the base of the cat scratcher. She even kept Cinco from coming anywhere near it.

Just for fun I decided to place her pipe cleaner near her while she was eating the nip. I thought that she might grab onto it and roll around and I could get some really cute pictures. That’s not exactly what happened. She pushed it off of the base of the cat scratcher and went right back to her nip. I decided to set it near her again. That’s when the photo below happened. I believe that she is giving that pipe cleaner a raspberry because she is not going to let it have any of her nip. MOL

This Nip is Mine - Manna

Manna: “Na na na na na! You can’t have any of this yummy nip, Pipe Cleaner!”

Is your cat protective of his/her nip?