Since there have a been a few of these before, I guess I don’t have to say that Cinco loves to sit in silly poses. He’s such a silly kitty! He makes me laugh all of the time.

A few weeks ago we had to get rid of Cinco’s white chair and we quickly replaced it with a black chair. He wasn’t a huge fan of the change at first. I thought he was going to do his usual very slow-to-warm procedure for new things. It can take months before he will accept some things! It was only a couple of days before he fell in love with the new black chair. He had definitely claimed it as his very own. I’m very proud of him for accepting it so easily!

The other night when I was taking pictures for the DIY scratching post post, Manna wouldn’t let Cinco near the scratching post. When I turned around to get a photo of Cinco, this is what I saw. He was just sitting there watching Manna scratch the scratching post from the top of his chair – his throne. Oh yeah, and he was doing yoga apparently.

Cinco Sitting Silly Again - Cinco

Cinco loves his kitty yoga.

 Do your kitties have a “throne”?