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Cats like simple things the best 🙂

Cats need to have something to scratch. It’s a part of their nature. They use scratching to help the stretch, mark their territory, and sharpen their nails. If you don’t want them to scratch your walls and furniture, they you will need a cat scratching post.

Finding a cat scratching post isn’t all that hard. There are a ton of them available out there! However, most of them are only about 2.5 feet tall (76.2 cm). If you have a tall cat, like my Cinco, finding the purrrfect cat scratching post can become really expensive. That’s why I decided that I was going to make my own. Today, I’m going to show you how I did it!

DIY Cat Scratching Post Supplies

I am going to list the dimensions of the specific supplies that I used to make our cat scratching post. The basic method will work for any size materials, so customize away! You probably have some of these materials at home already and may be able to find some of these materials for free. I was given the 2 wooden boards by the local hardware store that was going to scrap them. The links provided are affiliate links to Amazon products that are the same or similar to what I used.

Cat Scratcher Supplies

DIY cat scratching post supplies

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Glue the 2 wooden boards together with the 3.5″ (8.89 cm) sides touching. Use your c-clamps to hold the pieces together while they dry, so they don’t pull apart. Check the label on the glue you’ve used to see how long the wood needs to remain clamped. The Gorilla brand wood glue has only 1/2 an hour clamp time. These boards will become the part of the the cat scratching post that your cat’s scratch.
Cat Scratcher 1

The wooden boards with glue on one of them.

Cat Scratcher 2

The wooden boards being clamped together while the glue dries.

  1. Measure out and mark the center of the wooden base where you want the wooden boards to go.

  2. Have someone hold the wooden boards standing on the wooden base. Place an L-bracket on each of the 4 sides of the wooden post so that one part of the L is flat on the wooden boards and the other is flat on the base. Use your power drill and screws to fasten the wooden boards into place on the base. Add more brackets if you don’t think the wooden boards will remain standing when your cat places his/her weight against them.

Cat Scratcher 3

Dave holding the post while it is attached to the base.

Cat Scratcher 4

My friend, Phil, drilling the screws into the base and post to attach them firmly. I was informed that I’m not allowed near power tools. LOL

Cat Scratcher 5

Finishing up putting all of the L brackets on the post.

  1. Cut your piece of carpet to the size of your wooden base with a little left to hang over the edge. A utility knife should be able to handle this task. You will also want to cut a piece that will fit onto the top of your cat scratching post.
Cat Scratcher 6

Phil measuring and cutting the carpet remnant. I was also told that cannot be trusted with knives. Humph!

  1. Measure the center of the piece of the carpet that you just cut. Cut an X into the center. Slide the piece of carpet over the top of the cat scratching post and pull it down on top of the base. This will not make an exact fit around the post and brackets, but you will cover that part later.
Cat Scratcher 7

The carpet after it was pulled over the post.

  1. Glue the carpet down to the base and place heavy books on it while it dries. Let all of the glue dry overnight.
Cat Scratcher 8

Phil gluing the carpet onto the base.

  1. Starting at the base, begin to wrap the sisal rope tightly around the post. Add glue between the rope and the wood as you go. It may take a few people to do this efficiently. Make sure to wrap low enough to cover the brackets and the slits of the X in the carpet. I started the rope by tying a loose single knot and leaving a long end. I held that end against the post while my husband wrapped tightly around it.
Cat Scratcher 9

The post wrapped about 1/3 of the way up. They actually let me touch the rope! LOL

  1. When you get to the top of the post with the rope, glue the smaller piece of carpet to the top. Put a heavy book on the top to hold the carpet and the end of the rope until the glue dries. Allow it to dry overnight.
Cat Scratcher 10

Ta da! The cat scratching post is finished, but the glue needed to dry.

  1. Optional: Spray the post with catnip spray to attract your kitty to the post. Enjoy!
Want to make your own cat scratching post? These step-by-step instructions make it really simple to do!

The completed cat scratching post. Manna really loves it. Cinco is still getting used to it being in our home.

 Have you ever made something special for your cat?