I know I’ve said it before, but Manna is my extroverted cat. She loves attention from anyone, anyway she can get it. I bet if a burglar broke into my apartment she would want to play with him. Everyone that meets her, loves her. Usually in conversations people ask how she’s doing before they ask about me. This little one is quite the popular womancat.

Manna loves helping me with reviews. Every time I start taking pictures of something, she has to be a part of it. If there is cat food or treats involved, I pretty much give up on the idea of getting a photo of the product by itself. Cinco joins in on the photo taking a little bit, but Manna always bosses him around and he just sits back. That’s why Manna’s usually my product model.

For our post for Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted this week, I let the cats taste some of the food. They thought it was treats and got all excited. I had a challenge in trying to get decent photos of the cats with the product that weren’t just my cats with their faces to the ground – or should I say Manna with her face to the ground since she wouldn’t let Cinco near the jar. My kitties are too spoiled. I tried another tactic of hand feeding the pieces to Manna. The photo below shows the best of the results. MOL

Gimme A Wink - Manna

Manna: “I’ll trade you a funny wink for some treats!”

Do you have an extroverted cat?

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