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Manna got to try some Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted Grain Free Herbed Chicken and Chick Pea Recipe cat food.

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Looking for small batch nutrition in commercial cat food? Hill’s® has announced a new line of cat food called Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™. It is a brand new take on cat food for the pet food giant. These foods are made in the USA in small batches and guarantee 100% balanced nutrition.

Cat Owners Know Nutrition

Manna Helps Herself to Hills Ideal Balance Crafted

In true Manna fashion, she decided to help herself. Her opinion -“Nom nom nom.”

Nutrition is a really hot topic these days. People are becoming very educated on the effects that nutrition has on health and longevity. We’re no longer in a culture that blindly believes that any item that ends up on a grocery store shelf is a good nutritional choice. Many people actually read the nutrition labels on food products and express concerns over the ingredients listed (or that are not listed). These concerns are changing the way  food products are made and sold.

This nutrition revolution isn’t just happening to food consumed by humans. Pet owners are becoming savvy about the nutritional needs of their pets too! Cat owners are learning that their cats are obligate carnivores that are in need of a high protein diet made with fresh, high quality meats. Cat foods with little nutritional value that rely on colorful, fun shaped kibble just don’t cut it anymore. Cat owners are demanding higher standards from cat food. Why shouldn’t the food we feed our cats live up to the same standards as the food we feed ourselves?

Cinco and Manna with Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted

Cinco decided to join Manna in the taste test. Cinco love it too (if you can’t tell by the slobber on the deck).

 Great Ingredients & Small Batch Quality


100% nutritionally balanced for cats

Hill’s heard the concerns of cat owners and went to work on a product line that would surpass cat owners’ expectations. The mission was to create a product that is made the way cat owners would want to make it themselves. The Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted line of cat food is cooked in small batches, uses high quality meats, vegetables, and ancient grains.

The ingredients are all natural. High quality proteins are used including trout, salmon, tuna, roasted beef and chicken. If you take a look at the ingredient labels, you will see that one of these proteins will be the #1 listed ingredient on the dry foods and the #2 ingredient (following chicken broth) on the wet foods. There is no wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives! Grain free options are available as well.

Anyone who has ever tried to cook something from scratch knows that ingredients are one part of a successful recipe and the process of blending and cooking those ingredients is the other part. Most dry pet foods are made through a process called extrusion  where ingredients are mixed together, cooked with high heat and pressure, shaped, dried, and sprayed with a flavor enhancing coating. Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted products are slow cooked in small batches. Hill’s unique method of slow cooking cat food helps it to have better appeal to picky cats. The small batch method allows them to ensure consistency and high quality in every product.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted Products for Cats

Currently, the Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted line for cats contains 5 products:


The Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted packaging


These products are brand new and currently only available in-store at PetSmart. Online they can be found on Amazon and Petco. Petco will have Hill’s Ideal Balance products for cats in store by June.

Are you a fan of small batch foods?

Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted uses all natural ingredients and is made in small batches for higher quality and better consistency. @HillsPet #sponsored


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