Niptoons Presents:

“Nap vs. Play”

Starring: Cinco, Manna, and an orange pipe cleaner

Nap Vs Play 1

Nap Vs Play 2

Nap Vs Play 3

Nap Vs Play 4

Nap Vs Play 5

Nap Vs Play 6

Nap Vs Play 7

Do your pets like to interrupt each other’s play time?

Today is the ASPCA’s National Dog Fighting Awareness Day!

Just take a selfie (or a pet selfie) with one of the ASPCA’s #GetTough signs and post it on social media to show that you want tougher prosecution for people involved in dog fighting. You can find the sign and other info here.

Cat Owners Should Get Tough on Dog Fighting Title Square

Click on this image to learn more about why cat owners should #GetTough on Dog fighting.


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