Happy Easter Title

Manna: “Okay, okay, I’m posing. “

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sometimes you can do everything right and still have everything go wrong! MOL I had some great ideas for a cute Easter picture of the cats. Dave and I were going to give some big surprises to the kitties for Easter and I was going to use these in the photo.

First of all, we have replaced the white cat chair with a new-to-us black one. The cats are not thrilled about the switch. I had a feeling that they  might be upset to see their beloved chair go, but I thought they would at least check the new one out. We will see how long the boycott lasts. So the exciting new chair photo didn’t turn out.

Next, we were going to get them this cool cat tree that my husband found on Craigslist. Dave made the arrangements to pick it up and everything. By the time Dave half way there, the guy called and said he sold it to someone else. Grrrrr! Oh well, at least the guy called. This also led to me going out and buying the materials to build a decent cat scratcher myself. That DIY tutorial will be coming up soon. Still no Easter photo though.

Finally, I just decided to grab a few cat-friendly Easter items and put them on a nice sheet that the cats like. There was plenty of catnip and treats. After all kinds of coaxing, I finally got Manna to get somewhere near the stuffed rabbit and Easter eggs. That would be the title photo above. Yay! Then Manna discovered that there was a pipe cleaner among the toys I placed on the sheet. That is when she did this…

Happy Easter Manna looking at pipe cleaner

Manna : “OMC! An orange pipe cleaner!”

Where was Cinco, you ask? Well, he had run up and sniffed some of the catnip, but was chased off by Manna. The idea that Cinco was interested was what finally got Manna to pose for me. Anyway, Cinco was sitting just off to the side. He was a little too far to get a decent photo of him, Manna, and the Easter goodies.

Happy Easter Cinco and Manna

Cinco: “Manna, can I have a turn now?”

I did end up taking a photo of Cinco and the stuffed rabbit. That will be shared on all of Playful Kitty’s social media channels today. I hope that all of you are having an absolutely wonderful Easter!

 Did your pets get any Easter presents today?