Cinco and Manna have tried a lot of different toys. Being the playful kitties they are, they like almost anything. They have a toy box in the living room that they can dig through and pick out what they want to  play with. However, they don’t try very hard and it is usually the toys on top that get played with the most.

The favorite toys become pretty obvious quickly. Cinco’s Yeowww banana is just about falling apart. Manna will play with one mouse at a time until the stuffin’s are falling out and I have to throw it away. It’s always sad when a  toy has to be replaced, but sometimes you find just the right toy to take it’s place.

This week Manna decided to dig all the way down to the bottom of the toy box. There were cat toys all over the place! In the end, she found this red sparkly puff ball and was just too proud of herself. Seeing how in love she was, I decided to make it even better. I gave the red ball a dip in cat nip. I don’t think Manna could have been any happier! Check out this funny cat photo!

Absolute Bliss - Manna

Manna: “I love my shinny red ball!”

Do your cats have a toy that makes them this happy?