Some of the best funny cat pictures happen when we are trying to do something serious. With this month being all about luck, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” photo for social media. My husband and I brought out the few St. Patrick’s Day props that we have and started encouraging Cinco and Manna to interact with them.

As our luck would have it, Cinco and Manna were napping on the couch and were totally disinterested in taking photos at the moment. I thought it might be still be a cute photo if they were napping with my St. Patrick’s Day hat. Neither cat wanted anything to do with my hat. I guess they don’t like green. I can’t blame them, it’s my least favorite color too. I asked Cinco if he would just give me a little smile so I could have a usable shot and he gave the the face below. He can be a really funny guy when he wants to be!

Fine I'll Smile - Cinco

Cinco: “Fine, I’ll smile. Can I go back to bed now?”

Are your cats good at working with props when you’re taking photos?