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Cinco would love to see more adult cats get adopted.


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Animal rescue is a very difficult job. If you ask me, the workers and volunteers who are a part of animal rescues are nothing short of miraculous. They find it rewarding to work in a field in which the ugly head of human cruelty often rears itself. They allow many kittens and adult cats into their hearts as they search for a forever home for them.

The Challenges of Animal Rescue

Helping Adoptable Adult Cats - Cinco playing with peacock feather

Cinco at 9 years old, just as playful and silly as ever.

The goal for an animal rescue is to find each an every cat that comes through their doors a safe and loving forever home. However, that is a huge challenge considering the overpopulation of cats (estimates up to 70 million homeless cats in the US alone). Stray, ferals, and cats found in perilous situations are brought into animal rescues for help along with those that are surrendered by their owners. According to Dr. Marty Becker DVM, the top reasons owners surrender their cats include:

  • Litter box issues (inappropriate elimination)
  • Allergies
  • The owner is moving and can’t take the cat.
  • The costs are too high.
  • The cat is not getting along with either another family pet or human family member.

Getting Adult Cats Adopted

Helping Adoptable Adult Cats -Manna pouncing her red strip

Manna at 7 years old could show those little kittens a thing or two about pouncing.

Adult cats make wonderful pets. My cats (both rescues) are now 9 years old and 7 years old. I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Were their kitten days fun? Sure, but these adult days are great too. They are vibrant, playful, healthy, loving, and a lot less work than they were as kittens. I don’t have to constantly watch them like I did when they were kittens. They’ve learned over the years how not to let their curiosity get them in a pickle (like when baby Manna fell in the toilet). For the most part, they are calm and they have no trouble relaxing. We can get in a real, human-length nap together if we want to do that. Don’t believe for a minute that they are not trainable either – I’ve found that a little time, some yummy treats, and consistency can teach them anything.

Unfortunately, adult cats have a difficult time getting adopted from animal rescues. According to a survey done by Petfinder, 19% of surveyed animal rescues said that they had the hardest time adopting out adult cats. Another 28% listed senior pets as the most difficult to adopt out. Many adopters want a cutesy little kitten that looks healthy, friendly, and playful.

Hill’s® Food, Shelter, & Love® Program Helps Adult Cats

Helping Adoptable Adult Cats - FoodShelterLove

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The Hill’s® Food, Shelter & Love® program recognizes the challenges that adult cats face when it comes to adoption. They provide deep discounts on Hill’s’ quality pet foods to qualifying animal rescues and shelters within their program. Good, targeted nutrition can help adult cats be as healthy as possible!

One problem the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program targets is feline obesity. With an estimated 58.3% of cats in the US (about 43.2 million) being overweight or obese, there is a huge need for help. Obesity can lead to even more serious medical problems for adult cats that could hurt their chances for adoption: diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease to name a few. The Hill’s Food, Shelter & love program makes it much easier for rescues to help overweight and obese cats to meet their weight loss goals using Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Dry cat food and Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight Chicken and Vegetables Canned Food . Here are the facts from Hill’s:

  • Helping Adoptable Adult Cats - PerfectWeightCat

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    “Over 70% of cats lost weight within 10 weeks when fed this nutrition.

  • Healthy weight adds to quality of life and life expectancy.
  • Ideal for multi-cat households with cats of different breeds & weights.
  • 100% precisely balanced nutrition”

Adult cats are having success at being adopted with the help of Hill’s Food, Love & Shelter program. Stroli, an over weight adult cat that had been surrendered to the Dumb Friends League in Colorado is just one example. Check out his happy adoption story below!



Have you ever had to combat obesity with your cat?