Cinco and Manna are very playful kitties. They may not like to snuggle together, but they do enjoy playing games together. They have 3 games that they are always playing. I gave these games some not-so-creative names: Chair, Door, and Chase. The chair game is when one of them is on top of the chair and the other is underneath the chair. They will sneak up on each other and bat each other. It is really cute. Door is when they bat at each other from under the door with on cat on each side of the door. They’re creative – they can play door when the door isn’t closed.

Today’s photo is from one of their games of chase. In this game, they run around like little maniacs taking turns chasing each other. They sound like a stampede of mini elephants sometimes! It is amazing how much speed they can build up in our tiny little apartment! Sometimes they fly by when I’m concentrating on something and scare the crap out of me. Here, Manna has caught up to Cinco right in front of the ottoman. I guess it is his turn to chase her!

Tag You're It Cinco and Manna

Manna: “You’re it Cinco -no backsies!”

What are your cats’ favorite games to play?

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