Every once in a while, I hear a story that just must be told. When a friend told me about his aunt Karen’s cat in the wall, I knew this would be one of them. Sometimes we find love in the strangest of places.

Title Image Credit: Karen Borter via Flickr

Finding The Cat in the Wall

Harmu 4

The source of the meowing in the wall.

One cold November morning in Metro Detroit Karen and her husband were woken up by the sound of a distressed meow. It was strange to hear a meow in their home since they didn’t own a cat. In fact, Karen was never even interested in cats. She was very happy with just her 9-year-old miniature pomeranian dog.

The meowing was continuous, the small voice crying loudly as if it were in danger. It was distinct enough and intriguing enough that they searched everywhere to find the source of the sounds. They couldn’t let the poor animal suffer if it was hurt.

It took a trip outside to finally find the source of the cries. A small hole in the exterior of the brick held some precious cargo – a cat in the wall. It was unclear of how the kitten got in the hole or how they would be able to get it out. After many attempts at trying to reach in and retrieve the kitten, it was discussed that they would break out the power tools and break into that wall.

Just then, Karen’s 15-year-old daughter came out of the house to see what was going on. Karen told her of the cat in the wall. The daughter gushed with excitement because she was a cat lover. Before any demolition on the home could begin, she called out to the cat in the wall and encouraged the kitten to come out. With only a little hesitation, the tiny little kitten walked out of the hole all on her own.

Introducing Harmu

Harmu 2

Little baby Harmu

The kitten was named Harmu (much like the Himalayan cat from Nickelodeon’s i-Carly series). She was only 4 or 5 weeks old! Harmu was just an itty bitty ball of fur with big blue eyes. She had to be bottle fed for 3 weeks and taught how to eat harder foods. Surprisingly enough, this cat in the wall sustained no injuries throughout the ordeal. She was a purrrfect little kitty!

At the time I am writing this post, Harmu is 4 months old. Karen’s family decided to keep her as their own. She is technically the daughter’s cat, but she loves to sleep in bed next to Karen at night. Harmu is quite the silly little kitty! She loves to talk and bring Karen “presents.” She will place straws (her favorite toys) in Karen’s bed for her. Once, Harmu even stole a piece of cauliflower from the dinner table and placed it in Karen’s bed proudly!

Finding Love in Strange Places

Harmu 5

Harmu and Karen’s daughter

Love is quite a funny thing. Karen never thought she would own a cat. She would have never described herself as a cat-person before this cat in the wall. Now she is in love. Harmu had her at meow. The only theory she has about Harmu’s appearance in the wall is one that is tied to hope and fate. There is a mother cat that lives across the street from her. Karen believes that the mother cat placed Harmu in the wall knowing that this would be a good family for her. I guess sometimes animals do have incredible instincts.

Speaking of animal instincts, Karen isn’t the only one who has fallen in love with Harmu. Remember the 9-year-old miniature Pomeranian? Harmu and the dog are great friends. They play together all the time and chase one another around the house. Karen says that bringing Harmu into the family has caused a rejuvenation of the old dog. He has more energy and playfulness than he has in a very long time. New love brought enhanced life.




Are you a cat person? If so, have you always been a cat person? If not, would you ever consider giving a kitty a try?