It’s no secret that Cinco and Manna love to clown around for the camera. These two are definite hams. It is pretty easy to understand why my kitties are so excited about photo shoots. They always get lavished with attention that is centered on them on them during photo shoots. When the camera comes out, it is time to play! All of the best toys come out and it’s an opportunity for interactive play (the toys come to life). Best of all, there are treats. Every kitty deserves a treat or two for a job well done.

When we were taking our photos for Wednesday’s Niptoons post, Cinco and Manna were really begging for treats. As usual, at the end of our shoot I gave in and let them have a couple. They don’t really like to take them directly from my hand, so I usually set them on the floor right in front of each cat. In this photo, I had just sat one in front of Cinco and Manna quickly snatched it away from him. He was quite perturbed. Don’t worry, he still got his treat.

Treat Theif - Cinco and Manna

Cinco: “You stole my treat!”   Manna “And it was gooooooood!”

Do your cats steal each other’s treats at treat time?