Celebrating the Hero Cat Title

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Dogs have long been given credit for protecting and rescuing their owners (just think “Lassie”). Did you know that cats can display the same type of fierce loyalty toward humans? Mainstream news channels have shared a number of “hero cat” stories in the past several years.

History of Heroic Cats

The stereotypes of cats being aloof and uncaring are simply unjustified. A cat is often very in tune with the condition of the humans that they live with even though they do not always communicate their understanding. Cats have been one of humanity’s lucky charms all throughout history.

Some historical stories of hero cats come to us in the form of folklore. These stories may not be true, but they show they way people felt about a subject and often do have some amount of truth hidden within them. Here are 2 such historical stories:

Celebrating the Hero Cat - trouser kitty

Photo Credit: Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet via Flickr

  • Maneki Neko
    One of the stories that claims to be the inspiration for this lucky waving cat is that of a hero cat. A man on a journey takes cover from a thunderstorm under a tree not far from a temple. Suddenly a temple cat appears and beckons the man to come to him. No sooner does the man leave the protection of the tree than the tree is struck by lightening.
  • Mohammed’s Hero Kitty
    It’s no secret that the founder and prophet of Islam, Mohammed, was a cat lover. A legend in Islam claims that Mohammed was such a fan of cats because a cat had saved his life. When a very poisonous snake crawled into Mohammed’s sleeve, a cat that was always with him was able to coax the snake out and kill it.

Hero Cat Stories That Made the News

Kitties are still saving the day! There are so many out there that I’ve just picked a few and summarized each story. Please use the links to see the full story of each hero cat.

    • Tommy the cat was somehow able to dial 9-1-1 when his disabled owner took a nasty fall. The owner was unable to reach the phone and didn’t see the cat make the call, but a call was placed to EMS. When emergency workers arrived, the cat was laying by the phone. (Read More)
    • Schnautzie, a cat in Montana, woke up her owners to warn them of a bad gas leak in the basement of their home in 2007. Everyone made it out safe (including Schnautzie). There was enough gas in the home to cause a huge explosion when authorities arrived. (Read More)
    • Winnie’s owners had gone to sleep after finishing pumping some water from their basement. Little did they know that the machine they used was causing the home to fill with lethal carbon monoxide. Winnie sensed the carbon monoxide and woke her owners just as they had started to become ill from the gas. They were able to call 9-1-1 and get help before anyone was seriously injured. (Read More)
    • Rusty just wouldn’t leave his owner alone one day in 2011. She had a stomach ache, but wrote it off as something she ate. The cat keep jumping on her, putting his paws on  her chest and making horrible sounds. This convinced the woman to go to the doctor. She found out that she had just had a heart attack. Thanks to her hero cat, she got help in time. (Read More)
Celebrating the Hero Cat - Bat-Cat

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  • Pudding the cat had just been adopted a few hours prior when his owner went into a Diabetic Seizure. After checking on her new owner several times, Pudding went and woke up the woman’s son. The son was able to call 9-1-1 and save his mother’s life.  (Read More)
  • Slinky, a cat from the UK, realized that her owner was unconscious and went to get help. She pawed at the neighbor’s window and harassed their dogs until someone had to come see what was going on. Slinky’s owner, who had been having trouble with the pain medications she was taking,  was taken to the hospital and her life was saved. (Read More)
  • Masha, a community cat, found an abandoned baby in a box and saved it from the cold Russian winter. She kept the baby warm and got the attention of passerbys who were able to get the baby out of the elements. (Read More)

Every Cat Can Be a Hero Cat

If you ask me, a cat doesn’t have to drag someone out of a burning building or top CNN’s headlines to be a hero cat. The good deeds that cats do are sometimes unspoken and unrewarded. Throughout history cats have kept the rodent population in human civilizations under control. How many diseases and famines did they ward off without any recognition?

Today, cats serve a very important purpose for those of us who love them. They provide emotional support and inspiration for all kinds of works. The company of a kitty can provide health benefits too. Every kitty can be a hero cat.

Do you have any hero cat stories?