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Some yummy new treats!

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Sometimes it is worth it to try something new. This past week, Chewy.com sent Cinco and Manna a package containing a type of treat they had never tried before! You never know how it will go with cats and new treats (I tend to only talk about the ones that Cinco and Manna like) , but this went really well.

Who is Chewy?

Manna inspecting Chewy Package

Manna inspecting our package from Chewy.com.

Surely, many of the readers of this blog have heard of Chewy, but here is a short introduction for those who are new to the name. Chewy (www.Chewy.com)  is an online distributor of pet products to the contiguous U.S. Headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida, their mission is to to help make the best pet products available easy for pet owners like you and me to find. They carry over 18,000 items in stock from over 300 different brands including Wellness, Hill’s Science Diet, Weruva, Fancy Feast and Royal Canin. All items are shipped via FedEx straight to your door. Shipping is FREE when the order is over $49 !

Ordering from Chewy.com is a worry-free experience. Their customer service is open 24/7/365 with real, live people that you can talk to whenever you have a question. You can contact them through the live chat option on Chewy’s website or by calling 1-800-67-CHEWY (672-4399).

Trying something new won’t break the bank. Chewy has a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you don’t like an item, ship it back at Chewy’s expense and you will receive a complete refund of the purchase price of the item. They have an A+ rating by the BBB.

Know a non-profit rescue or shelter in need of a boost? The Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network loves to assist pets in need. They provide programs that give donations and fundraising opportunities to registered non-profits that benefit pets.  A few of the non-profits already in Chewy’s network include: Pets for Patriots, Blind Cat Rescue and Sactuary, All About Animals Rescue, Harmony House for Cats, and Anjellicle Cats Rescue. Visit Chewy’s about page for more information.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis Chicken Formula Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Cinco inspecting Treats

Cinco checking out the new treats. Can you sense some jealousy in the background?

The Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis Chicken Formula Freeze-Dried Treats are a healthy snack for kitties. They are made from 100% freeze-dried raw ingredients. There is no wheat, corn, soy, grain, gluten, by-product meal, or artificial flavors or preservatives. Each treat is less than 2 calories!  The first 4 ingredients are all meats!  All of the ingredients sound more like things you would find in a grocery store and less like things that were concocted in a chemistry lab. Chewy has all of the ingredients listed here. In case you don’t know what one of the ingredients is, Nature’s Variety provides a glossary explaining all of the ingredients that they use in their products here. The product is manufactured in the US.

The one caution with this product – wash your hands after handling the treats. It does contain raw ingredients, including meats. This is the same caution you would receive for handling any raw product.

My experience with Chewy and the Raw Boost Minis

Size and Shape of treats with Penny

The size of the treats compared to a US penny (the glowing orb MOL).

I received a 2.25 oz package of the Raw Boost Minis to give to Cinco and Manna to try. Making the order with the Chewy representative was really easy. It took about 6 days to receive the package via FedEx from the day I spoke with the representative.  Chewy sent the treats in a padded envelope and the package was pristine when I opened the envelope. Chewy had even given Cinco and Manna a few toys to enjoy!

The packaging for the Raw Boost Minis is really nice. It is a cardboard box with a resealable flap with a resealable plastic bag inside. The plastic bag was easy to open – I didn’t even need scissors.

Cinco and Manna absolutely love the treats! I had a tough time trying to get a photo to show the size of the pieces because the cats kept eating them. I had sneaked into another room with the treats while the cats were sleeping too! Oh well. The treats are not very consistent in size and some of the pieces are a little large. Cinco didn’t mind the larger treats, but Manna (the petite cat she is) was a little challenged by them. When I broke the treats into smaller pieces, Manna dug right in. The pieces feel a little bit like the marshmallows in cereals like Lucky Charms. They are very light and crumble a little bit when you break them (not that the cats care).

CInco and Manna enjoying Nature's Variety Treats

Cinco (front) and Manna eating some of the Nature’s Variety treats.

As a kitty-mommy, I love these treats. They are super healthy without being super expensive. These treats contain lots of protein, calcium (from ground chicken bones), a few different feline-friendly fiber sources, and natural sources of vitamins. It makes me really happy that it isn’t stuffed full of all of the dyes, unnecessary carbohydrates, preservatives, etc that a lot of treats have in them. Those things can add to illness with cats. I’m very intrigued by this product and I plan to look more into Nature’s Variety’s offerings. I happen to be very into holistic/natural health and nutrition (something that will start to become prominent on this blog soon). This product is right up my alley.

Would you ever give a raw food or treat product a try with your cats?

This post is sponsored by Chewy. I have received free product to spread the news about Chewy, but Playful Kitty only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Chewy is not responsible for the content of this article.