Cinco really inspired me one morning. When I woke up, he was laying there on my bed showing me his belly (he love belly rubs). I went and got the camera because the light made him look absolutely beautiful against my red blanket. As usual, he ate up the attention. My kitties love their photo shoots.

I was a little nervous to do it, but I decided to open the blinds and let some more of that gorgeous sunshine in. I say I was nervous because that window over looks the front of my apartment building and the parking lot. Cinco is a very nervous kitty and seeing people walking around outside tends to heighten his anxiety. I was hoping he wouldn’t just run off if someone pulled into the lot.

As I expected he would, Cinco nervously got up and scanned the window making sure there was nothing moving out there. What did Cinco see? Snow. Mounds and mounds of snow. The drifts outside would be above my knees if I were to jump in. Nothing at all was moving – just a sea of white. As he leaned to look closer, he bopped his nose on the glass and apparently the icy temperature of it was not to his liking. This photo shows him as he plopped down on the bed and tried to get the coldness off of his nose.

Not Impressed Cinco

Cinco: “Mom! What is happening to my nose?!:

How do your cats react to seeing people outside of a window?What