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A Show of Cattitude

Shrek was not the first fairy tale character to make friends with Puss in Boots. In fact, this fearless feline has been around for a few hundred years! The first written version of the Puss in Boots fairy tale was published in  Italy in 1550’s by a writer named Giovanni Straparola. Since, there have been several other versions written, each with their own morals and interpretations.

The most influential version of Puss in Boots was written by French storyteller, Charles Perrault in the late 1600’s. Perrault was famous for his versions of other classic fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty. His was the first version of Puss in Boots where the title cat asks for and wears a pair of boots. The fairy tale itself never gives the cat a real name.

Here is a short synopsis of Perrault’s The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots:

A poor young man receives a cat as his only inheritance from his father. The Cat promises the young man that if he can get him a bag and a pair of boots that he can make the young man glad to have inherited him. The young man does as the Cat has asked and the Cat puts in motion a plan to make the young man rich and powerful.

The Cat begins by flattering the King with gifts of fresh game. The Cat makes up an impressive sounding name for the young man (the Marquis of Carabas) and claims that the gifts are all from him. Soon the King is very fond of this Marquis of Carabas. The second phase of the Cat’s plan is to prove to the King that “the Marquis of Carabas” owns many great lands and a castle, thus making him a good fit to marry the princess. The Cat tricks the King into “saving” the Young Man from drowning in the river and taking him into his carriage. Then the Cat uses threats to convince countrymen to tell the King that the lands are owned by the Marquis of Carabas. Finally, in a battle of wits, he outsmarts a shape-shifting ogre into forfeiting his castle. The King is impressed, the young man marries the princess, and they live in the castle happily-ever-after.

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Want to compete?

I got a score of 17,694 on this word search. Can you get a higher one? The faster you find all of the words, the higher your score will be.

Instructions for the Interactive Word Search

  1. Words from the word list on the right are hidden within the puzzle. The words may be spelled forward, backward, or on a diagonal.
  2. Click on the first letter of the word, drag the cursor across the word, and click on the last letter of the word.
  3. The puzzle is finished once you have found all of the words.


Does your cat ever give you those Puss in Boots eyes like in the Shrek movie?