Manna is the hunter of my two cats. If there is a bug in the house (that doesn’t sting), she is the kitty I get to take care of it for me. She love to hunt and stalk. According to Manna, bugs are some of the most fun cat toys ever! If I tried to get Cinco to get a bug for me, he would probably just sniff it and look at me like “So what? Is that really what you interrupted my nap for?”

One of Manna’s favorite hunting techniques is the ambush. She hides under or behind something and waits for a toy to get close enough to her. Often when we are playing, she will hide between the cat chair and the ottoman that goes with it. Sometimes she will even hide there and wait for us to unsuspectingly walk by and then pounce us. My husband and I refer to this as an attack of the Manna Monster (a reference to the monster under the bed). In this photo, the Manna Monster ambushes the peacock feather and looks very very pleased with herself.

The Manna Monster - Manna

Manna – “None shall pass!”

Do your kitties like to ambush you?