Cinco and Manna have a healthy sibling rivalry. As the social hierarchy of cats goes, Manna is the dominant kitty and Cinco somehow became second in command. How this happened (Cinco is older and was with us first), I will never know. Cinco does challenge Manna’s authority from time to time though. She doesn’t get away with everything!

Last week we had a big photo shoot when our PetBox arrived on our doorstep. As I said in the review, the cats were super excited to see that box come in the door. I got a lot of great pictures as I opened the box and the cats got more and more excited. In this photo, Cinco had been taking “his turn” to peek in the box and Manna ambushed him and pushed him out of the way. He is not raspberrying about the PetBox, he is rasperberring at Manna.

Rude Interruption Cinco and Manna

Cinco: “Ick! Sisfurs!”

 Do you have a dominant kitty in your home?

Speaking of PetBox…

We are giving a Deluxe PetBox for cats or dogs away! That’s 2-3 surprise goodies for your furkids. Click on the image below to go to the giveaway.

PetBox Review & Giveaway Title Square

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