Manna is my mischievous kitty. She is always getting into something or looking to cause some kind of trouble. There is not an ounce of fear in this petite cat! She has done everything from somehow climbing into and getting stuck in the toilet as a kitten to taking off with a stack of my husband’s pepporonis in a sneak attack. She’s a funny girl.

There are times when I’m sure that Manna is planning something, but I’m not sure what. She might be mischievous, but she isn’t always as sneaky as she thinks she is. In this photo I catch her pulling toys out of the cats’ toy bin while I was busy playing with Cinco for his birthday shoot. I am not exactly sure what she was up to, but that huge grin on her face makes her look a little suspicious. She sure seems proud of something….

Huge Manna Smile

Manna: “There’s nothing going on over here….continue looking away…”

Do your cats pick their own toys for play time?