Going out of town is always an interesting adventure when you are a cat owner. Kitties can be really bothered by change. Even though Dave was still here at home, Cinco was upset that I had left him for a week. According to Dave, Cinco would hide all day and only come out for food. I felt really bad, but it wasn’t practical to take Cinco with me (and he probably wouldn’t have been much happier going). Dave gave him as much lovin’ as he was willing to take.

When I walked in the door on Wednesday night Cinco could hardly contain himself. He “helped” me get settled back in. Of course, my bag smelled like my Mom’s cat and 4 dogs so Cinco had to remedy that (time to rewash everything 😛 ). He was very proud of reclaiming his territory too! I just keep telling myself that it is a sign of affection. MOL One of the first things that Cinco wanted to do was play a game with his nip banana. He loves it when I pop the nip banana up in the space between his chair and the ottoman.  As this photo shows he was all too excited that I was back to play with him!

So Excited - Cinco

Mommy’s home!!!!


How much do your pets miss you when you’re away?