Niptoons Presents:

“I’ll Get It!”

Starring: Cinco, Manna, a few plastic strips, and some shinny spots on the wall

I'll Get It 1

I'll Get It 2

I'll Get It 3

I'll Get It 4

I'll Get It 5

I'll Get It 6

I'll Get It 7

A Quick Follow-Up

On Monday I showed off my Mom’s pets, but I wasn’t able to show my Dad’s or my sister’s because I hadn’t visited them yet. Here are the long awaited introductions of Sunny, Stormy, and Bella!


Sunny is one of my Dad’s cats. Dad has 2 cats of his own and he takes care of several of the ferals in the neighborhood. I wasn’t able to get any photos of the ferals. Sunny is a very silly boy, whose favorite toy is the fuzzy red ball pictured. He was a little shy around me at first, but he warmed up quickly.


I love my red ball!


Stormy is Dad’s other kitty. She is a shy, but precious girl. Of the 2 kitties at Dad’s house, she is the cuddler. It appears that she may be an American Bombay!


I am stealthy…you don’t see me….


Bella belongs to my sister, Katie. This 9 month old girl is a pure joy! She loves to play and bat things on the television. There isn’t an ounce of shyness in this one.


I catch the football better than any of those humans!

Are your kitties easily distracted?