Florida Title

Tootsie and I say hello!

Hi everyone! Today’s post is coming to you from sunny Florida. As many of you know, my grandma passed away last week and I rushed down here to be here for the funeral. It has been a very emotional time, but I’ve held up pretty well considering the circumstances. I’ve received a ton of support from all of you and that means the world to me. Thank you so much!

I will be traveling back to Detroit on Wednesday afternoon where Cinco and Manna are eagerly awaiting my arrival (Dave says they are upset that I’m gone). More than likely Niptoons (my silly Wednesday posts) will be pushed back to Thursday. My usual posts and schedule will resume next Monday. For now, I would like to introduce you to some of my family’s kitties!


Florida Tootsie 1

Toosie posing on a shelf


Tootsie is my Mom’s beautiful black kitty. It is so hard to believe that she is 15 years old already! She got her name because when she was a little kitten she would follow me around and bite my toes (“my tootsies”). Mom thought it was a cute idea for a name and it just stuck.

Tootsie is a very sweet girl, but she knows how to stand her ground. She has always been around other animals.  Oddly, Tootsie does not appear to understand what hissing means. She will hiss at you and want you to pet her at the same time. Sometimes she will even purr when hissing at you. It’s very odd. She’s not the biting or scratching type (unfortunately she’s declawed) at all. She has been cuddling me every night since I’ve been down here. One other interesting fact – her favorite meat is bacon!

Florida Tootsie 2

Tootsie is waiting for me to come to bed.


The Strange White Cats

Florida Dogs 1

Hmmm….this is like no cat I’ve ever seen before….


My Mother also has 4 of these strange white cats (see photos). I am told they are of the American Eskimo breed. Their names are Toby, Lily, Princess (nicknamed Poo), and Ollie. Toby and Lily are Poo and Ollie’s pawrents. My Grandma was the owner of Poo and Ollie, but now that she has passed, they my Mom has taken them in. I tried to get a photo of all 4 of them together, but it didn’t work out. Then as I went through the photos, I decided I would only post 2 of them because I honestly can’t tell them apart. Just imagine 4 of them MOL

Florida Dogs 2

They are very happy strange white cats.


More Kitties to Come!

Sunny and Stormy

Sunny (orange and white male) and Stormy (black female)


Tomorrow night I’m going to get to go see my Dad and my sister and their kitties! I haven’t met any of their kitties in person yet. My Dad has 2 cats named Sunny and Stormy.  My sister has a kitty named Bella. All 3 kitties are still kittens and only months old! I might not have the opportunity to blog about them, but I will make sure to add photos and info about them on Playful Kitty’s social media channels. I’m excited to meet them!

Does your family have a lot of cats?