It’s no secret that my kitties are nip fiends. That is one of the reasons we call our Wednesday comic-style posts NIPtoons; The kitties get a little bit of nip and they act like cartoons. Cinco and Manna absolutely love helping me put those together by the way. They hear the camera turn on and the come running. I guess the fact that they know that the nip (or other treats) and toys will be coming out too helps motivate them.

In between our Niptoon photo shoots there isn’t always a lot of nip out for the kitties. However, this doesn’t necessarily curb the amount of zany behavior in this apartment. Dave and I have suspected that there might be some funny business going on with these kitties, but now we have proof! This photo captured a candid moment where Cinco is selling Manna on a nip laced pawbreaker (candy for cats). Judging by the look on his face, he has dipped into the stash himself.

Nip Deal

Cinco “Hey sweetheart, why dontcha try some-ah dis here nip? It’s primo stuff. I’ll make ya a great deal.”

How far would your cat go to get some cat nip?