Welcome to 2015!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year! Cinco and Manna had a great time. They got treats, nip and all of their favorite toys. We had to get an early start on our celebration because Dave and I had to work (we own a designated driving business). Cinco and Manna were pretty tuckered out by the time we had to leave to start picking up our customers. Overall, the night went very well with the only difficulty being that the computer in my phone died. Not too bad if you ask me.

As mentioned, the cats got to party quite a bit. When the nip came out, things really started getting crazy. Eventually we had to cut Manna off MOL . She is always a little crazy on the nip. This photo is evidence of her nip-enhanced silliness 🙂

Manna's New Year's Nip Hangover

Manna had a great time celebrating the New Year….perhaps too great.


 One Quick Note:

For 2015 I’m going to change up my blogging schedule just a little bit. There will no longer be new posts on Fridays to give me a little more time to interact with everyone 🙂  Of course, if there is something really cool or exciting going on, I might just break that rule. I’m a rebel like that.

Did your kitties get any New Year’s nip?