I’ve heard some people say that they think cats are cruel for the way they “play” with their prey before they kill it. Personally, I don’t see this as cruel. It’s tough work to kill a mouse! Wearing the mouse out ahead of time saves the cat a lot of effort. However, there are some cats that take this “playing” to a silly level. Cinco is one of those cats.

As will many cats, Cinco likes to practice his hunting skills on his toys since he doesn’t get to do much real hunting. I think in a way it has made him overconfident – he has begun teasing the toy mice. I like to call the maneuver below, the Full Tongue Raspberry. It is the most powerful kitty raspberry there is. The poor toy mice never even stand a chance against it’s mighty power. Try not to be blown away by this  photo. You might have to hold on to your chair. Could this be considered cruel to the mousie? I’m not sure. MOL

Teasing a Mouse Cinco

Behold the power of the kitty tongue!

Cinco likes mousies that are a little on the large side and don’t make any noise. What is your cat’s favorite type of mousie?