Cinco and Manna are very patient kitties. They put up with a ton of photo shoots for this blog. Usually, they love photo shoots. They know that when the camera comes out there will be treats and we’re going to play all of their favorite games. It’s sort of been like clicker training, but with a flash. MOL They really do get excited when I pull the camera out.

Today’s photo shoot was a bit of an off-day for the kitties. We were taking some Christmas photos (we still have to get our cards out – yikes!). No body wanted any part of standing near any of the Christmas decorations. Luckily, I got  a couple of shots I think I can use. After my camera taking about an hour to upload the photos to my super slow computer, I found a photo that somes the whole photo shoot up. I believe that Cinco is saying “No more pictures, Mommy.” Either that or he wants to play charades again. My guess is “elephant” if that is the case.

Cinco - No More Photos

Oh no! Not the purrpurratzi!

Have your kitties had enough of the Christmas photos already?